The Trapped Mind of an Independent Scientologist

I had considered posting about this topic then didn’t to save it for my book. But recent events involving Marty Rathbun, the unofficial leader of the independent Scientologist movement and also a letter from a client I had worked with last year convinced me otherwise. My client told me he felt he wasn’t told the truth by Rathbun. Rathbun presents Hubbard and Scientology as benevolent and near ideal before Miscavige. He told me I had told him the “100% truth.” By that he meant I told him that the policies and tactics that Miscavige uses in harassment, degradation, and human rights violation trace back to Hubbard. I also made it perfectly clear to him that although I could help maximize his talents and gifts and diminish his weaknesses that the god-like promises that Scientology offers have not occurred. These were tough pills to swallow for a young impressionable young man; disillusionment, lost hope, and the realization that he was sold a bill of goods to a greater or lesser degree. He got through it, we all have to.

Rathbun’s Admissions
On 22nd of February on the radio station KHOW in Denver Marty Rathbun was asked point blank if he believed in the OT3, Xenu story. He said, “I don’t believe anything” several times (perhaps implying he has his own mind and is free to think what he wants). He was also asked by the cagey host, “Are there thetans in my body?” and “Are there spirits of the aliens in me?” Rathbun flatly said, “No.”

Since the OT 3, Xenu myth is Scientology’s genesis story and is a foundational belief for advanced Scientologists or Independent Scientologists; you can’t really say NO to those questions. If you believe in L Ron Hubbard as Independents claim to do, one is not at liberty to say that you don’t believe anything, especially OT3. You don’t have the luxury of freedom of thought. Maybe Marty is realizing as my peers and I did long ago that LRH and his writings are not inerrant. The OT3 story is akin to the Bible verses about Adam and Eve whereby eating God’s forbidden fruit caused man’s ruin (Genesis 3). Those verses lay the foundation for the basic theology that you need God or a messiah to save you from the evil nature which befell upon man thereafter. OT3 lays the foundation for the core belief of Hubbard’s promise to make one an “OT.” He believed the route to OT is through exorcism. You can’t say you are a Scientologist if you deny the core secrets that true believers pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to learn.

Suspension of Reality
All religions and theologies ask that one suspends reality to a greater or lesser degree. They all ask for a leap of faith. Evangelists run into this when they try to explain the virgin birth, the resurrection and other core Christian beliefs that science says cannot occur. Jews run into this attempting to explain Moses’ miracles. And the Scientologist has to face it when an informed internet reader challenges him on the Xenu story. In today’s science fact based world things that are faith based or “unseen” are severely challenged and are becoming nearly extinct. Society wants documented proof; unedited, un-retouched video as it were.

Augustine of Hippo (St. Augustine, November 13, 354 – August 28, 430) wrote, “Seek not to understand in order to believe, but believe in order to understand.” There is inherent danger in that motto as it can enable devious cult leaders to take advantage of the faithful innocent. On the other hand, believing to understand must occur in order to see the unseen; such as God, angels, or spirits. In any case it takes suspending a scientific touch it/feel it reality to adopt a theological or religious belief.

Suspension of reality is one of the key factors used by the devious who wish to exert their own reality through abuse and mind control. It is usually achieved by overwhelming the perceptions of the believer. Historically, pagans partook in the “nectar of the gods” to suspend reality and see Zeus, Odin, or Jupiter. This technique is ancient, but carries forward through history; the Turkish whirling dervishes (12th century) danced into a frenzy to reach kemal, the source of all perfection. This is sought through abandoning one’s nafs, egos or personal desires, by listening to the music, focusing on God, and spinning one’s body in repetitive circles. Assassins (11th to 13th century) acted upon orders to kill due to the hypnotic command value from hashish with a promise to reach paradise which is very similar to today’s suicide bombers. The 60s counter culture tore down traditional values prompted by mind altering drugs especially LSD. Carlos Castenada’s book, “A Separate Reality” had followers walking through the jungle for weeks with their eyes crossed to shift reality. Scientology techniques such as arduous hours of TR 0 (confront drill) which overwhelms perception while at the same time causing sensory deprivation does it, as well as running around a tree day afer day at a time on the Cause Resurgence Rundown. The new spinning gyro used in super power overtly does the same thing. These procedures put the person at certain risk of suggestion and implanting a new and contrary reality by suspending the old one. Anyone who is devious will take advantage of that and force their will upon their victims.

Freedom of Thought
Freedom of thought does not mean that you don’t have strong beliefs. You have them, but have come to them by hard won study, thought, and examination on your own initiative and the merits of the belief system. It also means you have the freedom to be critical, question and query, and the right to change your mind. After critical examination, if you wish to make a leap of faith you can. Maybe some independent Scientologists are starting to realize that and realize they have the freedom to contradict L Ron Hubbard’s teachings and get free from the trappings of their own minds.


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    If I were handling media I would also say I don’t believe in the Xenu story. The Xenu story is not a matter of belief or disbelief…Scientology is not really a belief system except as put forth to have it fit with other religions that are based on a belief.

    It is a fact that when people who are ready for OT III do what the materials say and run only that which reads and f/n everything they can make tremendous gain by viewing the Xenu story. That is not a matter of belief, but a matter of fact. It has been shown to work time and again.

    When you are dealing with people who have no understanding of what Scientology is about you don’t want to try to present gradient scales. Yes and no work well.

    So you are presenting a Marty who doesn’t believe in the Xenu story but would audit/review people on OT III and arriving at a conclusion that he is a fraud or dishonest at the very least.

    That doesn’t have to be the case. There are several other senarios, everything from “it didn’t work for me, but it seems to work for others so I will do it” to “I ran it all and now that the charge is off I can see that the Xenu story was made up and the real situation was….” There are many reasons that he can say no to “belief.” What is true for one is not necessarily true for another, especially when it is subjective.

    So I hope you are wrong. I always give a person the benefit of the doubt. But in speaking out I think you have done a correct action. That is what freedom of speech is all about, and we have that priviledge in the Freezone.

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    Correct me if I’m wrong, but you appear to reject the Xenu story “out of hand”. That is, it seems as if the possibility of such an occurrence as “Incident II”, the volcanoes, the nuclear explosions etc., are some sort of “creation myth” (which is something I certainly didn’t derive from doing OT III) and it seems to me anyway, that according to you, this is not possible as an event in the history of this planet, or this sector of this galaxy.


    How come this assumption, if it is, that this is not a possible event in the history of this planet?

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      Jim, thanks, Long time no hear….
      Since 1969 I was involved in OT3 and have seen the good, bad and ugly of it. I see it as a myth from the creative sci fi mind of LRH, as are the platens from the CC and OT2. It is rather presumptuous to think every being had these incidents, don’t you think? If you believe it, that is your right..
      My point being; we have the freedom to disagree; if you choose to believe it, fine. As is my right to reject it. We did not have that choice in the church; just as sure as a sec check would follow if you cracked wise about LRH. No, we can and discuss it; hopefully any Indy or “freezone” person can accept, reject, dispute and think critically about the subject, LRH, Scn dogma, what works, what he actually came up with and what is derivative work. That’s healthy.
      What I deal with every day in Scn recovery is the enforcement, the crude misapplication of Scn, the arrogance of claiming to have the secrets of the universe and the ill effects of opening up the Pandora’s box of exorcism and the black arts which a lot of Scn came from. Some of those affects include life long pain, need for psychiatric incarceration, disease and suicide and/or threats thereof. So I don’t write about this lightly or from some lofty academic viewpoint. I write from my direct experience; getting down and dirty day to day working with people who suffer from Scn and the dangers of dealing with the occult. I have dedicated myself whether I like that part of Scn or not to helping people who suffer from it because I am one of the rare few who know how to safeguard people through it.

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        Thanks for the response.

        There’s certainly some interesting things here to cover, and if I miss some I may get them on the swing around.

        The CC and OT II materials and then OT III as a further description of whence these implants came were not experienced by every being. In fact, that’s not how they run.

        As to their “creation” by LRH as a science fiction, personally I saw the meter read. LRH wasn’t there in my auditing and he had nothing to do with that meter reading. Now, that fact is something that isn’t fiction, the meter that is, and that it does read, and blowdown and move around like that, indicates that SOMETHING, whether it’s this or that or the other thing, is going down. Electronically, the shifting of thought effects the physical meter. As I guided that thought according to the Platens, the meter read, and subsequently I, myself, perceived a marked difference in my outlook on life and my ability to interact with many more people, situations and the rest of what we live in and experience.

        Exorcism, “demons”, the “occult”. These are fairly loaded words, and have been for centuries. I read as much Crowley as was intelligible to me, some time in the early 90s. A brilliant man in many respects and of course bonkers to the culture in many others. An interesting character to be sure.

        The “exorcising” of “demons” has developed from the Original Thesis/DMSMH where the subject is described as walled off portions of the analyzer, the central beingness of man. With further study and application of processes, the “x” factor, the wild variable assigned the letter “theta”, was explored and the Life Static was described. Subsequently, that Life Static was exteriorized from the body, separated and aware of its distinct nature.

        The composite nature of the human person is not new thought. The chakras, the acupuncture points, the various and sundry thoughts and descriptions and theories of all that goes into a human and in Scientology, the idea that a Life Static is capable of creation of space, energy and objects, even doing so while assuming a viewpoint of that space, right up “next” to another distinct life unit. Next is a misnomer in fact, as that implies a position in space and time, whereas the Life Static has neither but can create both and CONSIDER it is what it has created.

        I appreciate that the tackling of these materials, the CC, OT II, OT III and even further the last development of those very early books mentioned above, New Era Dianetics for those in the Operating Thetan band, if done by a poorly trained, not so sure, vaguely aware, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t type of case can and does lay them all over the place.

        This stuff is not to be fooled with. I’m compassionate for those that have and myself am doing what I can to see that those embarking on these materials are as fully prepared for what is in store and don’t end up on your doorstep splattered.

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          Thanks again,
          If you change your thought/mind paradigm and realize that inherent in auditing and Scientology from day 1 is a thorough indoctrination along with penalties for having contrary think to authority; well then, if you do in fact eliminate that thorough indoctrination or for those who never were so indoctrinated, it wouldn’t read. There are people in the “WOG” world who are as equally aware as an “OT 1” who are not indoctrinated and may believe in past lives that it would not read on. To think that differently about Scn or “in a new unit of time” would take a thorough study on cults, marketing and mind control. At least that’s what it took for me.

          Give this Scn tech question a thought or two;
          If someone is a clear and has blown the automaticity of pictures and has no reactive mind of his own and 1969 bulletins state that the exact words/phrases of an incident in Dianetics were no longer of use and of importance why would one utter words and phrases of the inter machinations of a mental image picture (which is what an implant is)?

          I am glad you are thinking about all this,


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            I don’t wanna seem to dominate this thread, but there are a couple of things here that I’d like to comment on.

            I wasn’t “indoctrinated” from Day 1. Day 1 for me was sitting in my bedroom reading DMSMH after reading all sorts of other materials prior, and observing for myself that it made sense to me. Reading, agreeing, don’t constitute some sort of forced indoc.

            The second thing on the reading of the meter and a person with no prior knowledge of any Scn is a hypothetical sit. No comment really on that. It’s an idea you’ve propounded, and maybe you believe it. I don’t know.

            Lastly, yes, theoretically a being wouldn’t have reactive pictures of their own if they are Clear. Repeater Technique, as used on the CC and OT II isn’t quite the same modelled in DMSMH. That style was in disuse way before 69 as well. It was chucked in the early 50s.

            As to giving this thought, well geez, I’ve been doing that from Day 1.

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            Well,, pretty literal on the Day 1 analogy….
            You’re not getting what I’m saying about group/authority indoctrination and mind control, OK.
            Nice to blog with you.

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    I disagree with the assumption that rathburn is the “unofficial leader” of the freezone. The freezone existed long before rathburn came out from the church and. O one has elected him to any status of leadership. I can think of many more qualified individuals for that position if it ever exists which i doubt. The freezone cannot even agree on the tech and do not take direction easily.

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      My disagreement and why I did not accept the Keeper of Tech position in your group was I had to sign and agree to the complete teachings of Lafayette Ron Hubbard. (I think that is on your site if you wish to advertise as an auditor). Which you know now I don’t. I do understand the complete workings of Scn; what works from practical experience, what doesn’t and what is dangerous. See my answer to Jim Logan….
      I agree with you on Rathbun, you were before as were my peers who left in 82-4.

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    The MAN Hubbard is not the issue here, but a workable processes that help a person ge better.
    Per Ron himself one should “look don’t listen” and take what is true to you and what works for you.
    I myself did the OT levels and my conclusion is that it worked. I do not even judge the Xenu story. It is not very important by itself.
    I think that what you are trying to warn people is not to follow blindly an advise or a belief, and that is what I do too.

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    Marty is a Johnnie-come-lately. He doesn’t speak for Independent Scientologists. That’s the point of “Independence”. Many Independent Scientologists don’t swear by Hubbard’s words, either, he’s just a common point of reference. I don’t call myself a Scientologist, because I believe their terminology and basics are flawed, but many of my friends are Independents, and have been since long before Marty discovered he didn’t like to be hit by Miscavige.

    My mind is free, as are many Independents. Marty is an opinion leader for some because he used to hold a high post, but to me he ain’t no Class VIII, and he has no claim on my loyalties. He’s a noise-maker, but I’m not at all sure he’s anything more than a distraction while the Church continues buziness as usual, Scientologists continue their journeys, and the rest of us move on.

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    A lot of things became clear to me as I audit every day and handle the pc who is in front of me.

    Arbitraries like the Classification and Gradation Chart and Keeping Scientology Working were an attempt to put some kind of comforting stability into the application of the Scientology Philosophy to life.

    The resulting Bridge(TM) evolved into a Scientology sausage machine where raw pcs were cleansed of their annoying inquisitiveness and molded into obedient OTs who kept their eyes away from harmful truths that contradicted Scientology dogma.

    There are so many unacknowledged clears, 40K+ according to recent reports, that you and I and the current indie auditors will not live long enough to help them all. I am auditing people on three continents now and I audit seven days a week.

    We need to evolve and deliver our technology in ways that will allow anyone to receive auditing on a 24/7 basis wherever they are. This will require examining some of the stable datums that have ruled our lives for the past 60 years and deciding in a new unit of time what is actually workable based on the ability to produce consistent results.

    It is necessary to go back to the materials that were available in the Fifties and use our power of choice to apply what works for us in our practices. Back then we were expected to make up our own minds. It was only in the later years that obedience became more important than delivering what was needed.

    People leaving the church will progress from full indoctrination to enlightenment if they have access to true data. It is not an easy journey as it requires changing one’s mind again and again as more data becomes available.

    Thanks for maintaining a place where real data can be obtained.

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    I find it interesting that gradient scales are “used for deception” and gradient brainwashing in order to captivate a soul. The arrogance of “not ready for the tech” is baffling and seems to be only to deceive. Logic and belief have to be suspended. There is no archeological proof of these explosions and when I first heard this from a fellow “OT” I thought he was a heretic, but there isn’t any evidence and isn’t that what LRH said to make a judgement on. Just my thoughts.

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    I believe that for as long as we do not grow tall enough to embrace the following 2 facts, we will have individuals pushing their own who-knows-what agenda on us and muddying the waters.

    The facts are:

    1. L. Ron Hubbard, the super-genius and a very decent man that he was, also had planted the seeds of Scientology’s destruction. The creation of Sea Org and placing it on the very top of the Org Board was one of them. Placing CMO on top of the Sea Org org board was another one. His lies about himself and the Bridge are very harmful. Secrecy at every step creates the impression of a secretive sect. Heavy ethics and justice have gradually created a general environment within Scientology 180 degrees contrary in spirit to Scientology principles. There is no doubt in my mind that those things (Sea Org, RTC/CMO, his own lies, secrets, heavy ethics and justice) will completely wipe out Scientology if left uncorrected.

    2. We have to take ownership of Scientology. It is our Scientology, not L. Ron Hubbard’s. The Tech is LRH’s simply because it had been proven a million times that it works that way. The organizational structures and principles are a mixed bag. I believe the Sea Org will eventually have to be abolished, along with the heavy Ethics and Justice, for Scientology to survive. It would have to revert back to the late 50’s, early 60’s pattern of operation. It will also have to become a part of the community, just as any other church. I mean for real not just as lies and PR actions. It will have to eventually embrace all of the dynamics in all their manifestations to start catching up to itself and survive.

    Furthermore, I accept Marty Rathbun as the leader of Independent Scientology. Independent does not mean nasty, back-biting and disorganized. It simply means separate from the Church since the Church became a squirrel splinter group. The reason I believe he is the leader is he getting the biggest shellacking and he sticks through it all, wins, does not give up and does not fade into the tapestry to post snide remarks about anybody in obscure places. He is forthright and visible and fighting. If any of you, guys, are auditing in the field, you can do so openly now exclusively and only thank to Marty, his strategic and tactical planning and execution and his courage.

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    Glenn, just for the record, the OT 3 story is not Scientology’s Genesis story. The Factors are. OT 3 is just something that happened. The Factors are Scientology’s Big Bang.

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      Yes, factors are the creation story, Adam and Eve is not the creation stgory but in Genesis, perhaps more apt if I said downfall or ruin of man, etc. OT3 is the explanation of man’s ruin for the advanced level student as is the Bible verses mentioned.

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    Well Glenn, you’ve really hit a point that I’m interested in and have been interested in during my whole 40-year career in and around Scientology. Having done all the “old” OT sections and new ones (except OT8), having audited a ton of Class 5 and XDN successfully for about seven years, and having listened to an enormous number of lectures on my own time, I’m a bit where you are about questioning parts of this subject.

    I’ve gotten a lot of benefit from various types of auditing and delivered very visible and unmistakable benefits for others. But to you blog point, how exactly does one separate the wheat from the chaff here? The workable form the unworkable, the safe from the unsafe, the tried and true from the questionable?

    Though I’m a pretty seasoned veteran of the tech wars (quitting just before GAT was my best move), I’m at the point where it would be a staggering task for me to have to go through all the materials and lectures to distill the valid from the not so much valid from the not valid at all.

    As you well know, as one studies the entirety of the “research record,” all the lectures that is, one is faced with an enormous number of contradictions, nullification of one technique by another, and many forays up many roads that ended nowhere, but were not always – usually not — acknowledged as dead ends or simply failed attempts.

    For many years, I mistakenly figured I was missing something or had not read some upper level “CS-only” bulletin that “lays it all out” or clarifies how all this fits together and what the “end game” is.

    After privately ‘interviewing” a bunch of old timer advanced CSes who would chat with me, I found this not to be the case at all. The subject simply ends without a final resolution. A dead end of sorts.

    Now if I’m having a difficult time separating the wheat from the chaff with all my experience, how on earth would a new initiate to the subject possibly navigate the terrain with all gain and no harm?

    What would be the proper things to do and study and where would one find a compendium or syllabus to use so as to miss all the traps, the quagmires, the dangerously tall cliffs?

    I do think there is good in the subject. I experienced the good, very much of it. I avoided the bad. Almost all to it, if not all. I’m probably in a unique club that way. Not the typical guy. I had a few initial realizations that kept me inoculated from the bad “viruses” that felled others. And that’s a long story how I did that, which I won’t go into here.

    But to your point, what is the good and what’s the path to maximize the good and eliminate the bad? (I think I just asked you to write an encyclopedic-sized response to me.) 😉

    I have enjoyed your honest, very blunt writings, and they have helped me a ton, since I wasn’t on the Apollo or in the SO. I’m looking forward to your book and hope you can cover my question (which I know is sorta broad).

    If you tell me it’s too complex of a question for a blog, I get it. I’ll wait for the book. Any expected date on the book?

    Thanks much as always,


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      Examine the basic foundational beliefs of the subject such as:
      the dynamic principle of existence, survive
      Life is basically a static
      the dynamics, the 3rd being the most important in Scn
      Man is basically good
      Hubbard’s slant on ethics

      Then read the basic beliefs of other religions, the Greek schools of thought on similar subjects, and so on. Even from Wikipedia to start. Compare the basic beliefs, that will be a good start.

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