Since I wrote some posts about Scientology’s state of Clear and some personal experiences with L Ron Hubbard in an attempt to broaden thinking about those two subjects, there has been some confusion about my practice and what I believe. I have not been associated with corporate Scientology since May, 1982. I spent some time […]

I had considered posting about this topic then didn’t to save it for my book. But recent events involving Marty Rathbun, the unofficial leader of the independent Scientologist movement and also a letter from a client I had worked with last year convinced me otherwise. My client told me he felt he wasn’t told the […]

Monday, September 19th Janet Reitman finished her national book tour in California with a book signing, reading and Q & A in Palm Springs with 150 interested locals in attendance. I was present and participated after the reading. I was very impressed with her candor, professionalism, and knowledge of Scientology. Although exhausted and recovering from […]


The importance of knowing and understanding connections. I wrote a series of posts about the heartbreaking role disconnection plays in destructive cults. Such dogma in destructive cults, like Scientology, rips families and friendships apart. Disconnection is often done with an evil motive to control and avoid rather than for the well being of the member. […]