My Practice and recent testimonials

    Since I wrote some posts about Scientology’s state of Clear and some personal experiences with L Ron Hubbard in an attempt to broaden thinking about those two subjects, there has been some confusion about my practice and what I believe. I have not been associated with corporate Scientology since May, 1982. I spent some time in the first “independent” field at the Advanced Ability Center with David Mayo. During this time period I completed my training to XII which was started in the Flagship Apollo case cracker unit. I then delivered what I considered standard Scientology off and on until about 1999 when I became a Christian. During my exploration into Christianity, pastoring and utilizing historical forms of counseling, I became a better counselor. I got better as a counselor because I have a deeper and broader understanding of the mind, the spirit and life. During this time I studied where Hubbard acquired his “breakthroughs” and Scientology techniques and had a chance to weave it all together into one complete philosophy or “language” as I like to call it. When I found out about the beatings and the mass exodus of Scientologists occurring in the last few years, it was obvious that I could help those victimized and I also hoped to redeem any harm I did by being in the Sea Organization.

In my studies and delivery I learned what procedures are classically reliable and workable and what I consider dangerous. There are certain Scientology techniques which are derived from the occult and myth that I have seen cause severe physiological problems since 1969. I talk from decades of experience and training on the top and bottom of the bridge, not from theory or some theoretical ivory tower. Originally, I did not want to counsel people on the advanced levels. I wanted to focus on abuse issues and those victimized by destructive cults. As I worked with more and more ex-Scientologists, I found that the misapplication of the advanced levels were causing the greatest harm and in some cases suicides and illness. I changed my mind; I was on the first course of this stuff, so since then I have worked to safeguard those mired on the advanced levels and solo and have taken them through without harm. I use some Scientology techniques that are based on sound fundamentals, mostly to do with helping the person find his or her true identity; tracking down beliefs buried under pain, abuse, and oppression. Also, I have found the Lists (i.e. the Ls) to be workable if tailor made to the individual and I have developed techniques to free the mind from subversive cult mind control. I work to bring or return the person to his or her authentic self, reduce weaknesses, and strengthen and unleash one’s true abilities. The approach is direct and is accomplished effectively in a short amount of time.

I have helped people get free from the abuse and victimization of Scientology and the staff experience, including, but not limited to, those who were suicidal, ill, or diseased. I help those families who have suffered the cruelness of disconnection. Nancy Many and I helped free one young lady who was imprisoned due to a psychotic incident triggered by a suppressive declare. Most clients, however, are simply bereft due to loss of family, business, property, and of course those bankrupted from Scientology’s relentless pressure to exhume their money.

Recent testimonials:

“When I first started working with Glenn I had many of the problems that most people have. I was concerned about money, optimizing my time, and working harder to ‘be happier.’

“Since then (April 2010) I’m no longer concerned about day to day problems. I handle anything that comes up very quickly and without much thought or effort. I would even say that I don’t have problems anymore. I am genuinely happy. I take on larger and larger projects with ease. I have more time to relax and enjoy life, and I’m actually working less. I am in short at peace with life.

“I fully credit all of those things to working with Glenn. His understanding and guidance in helping me unravel what was bogging me down was incredibly precise and effective. “

“I have been doing counseling services with Glenn much to my satisfaction. I had been in Scientology for over 30 years and had finally hit a point where I said I was done. There were many reasons associated with that but suffice to say that I felt auditing had become spiritual abuse…

I did not realize until Glenn and I started unraveling some of the spiritual knots how abusive it really was.

“…With Glenn’s expert handling and care, we have untangled those knots and I have benefited tremendously. And it really boils down to his ability to listen and respond analytically, not rotely. We are doing some of the upper level auditing techniques and I have so many times remarked at the speed and efficacy Glenn would demonstrate and handle in minutes what would have taken hours in session in the church, if you will. His skill and understanding of these materials is over the top.

“In a recent discussion out of session with Glenn, I gained a broader understanding of Glenn’s practice as a counselor. He uses non-Scientology techniques with some of his other non-Scientology clients. Someone had asked him about that and he had told them that Scientology was one language he had learned, along with others. Fluently, I must add. But the concept I am trying to present here is that he is able to speak YOUR language so that YOU can receive the most benefit. We have accomplished things in session that far surpass what I had been accustomed to; because of one big factor-he consults ME. And he CARES! And life changes! I found a great friend in the process. Thanks Glenn.”

*Due to DC’s kindness after he realized that the Scientology experience tried to squelch his feeling to be compassionate we have helped families and individuals who otherwise could not have received help, like the young lady who was put in prison.—-GS

“It has been a month or so since I completed a program written for me by Glenn Samuels. I was delighted with the case supervision; it covered my life in a way to really sort it out and clean it up. What I want to share is the stability gain because of the program…
It isn’t that nothing ever restimulates (i.e. triggers) me. It is that when something does, I can simply experience it and not react to it. This has increased my ability…
Who knows, it could even have added a year to my life! How good is that?!”
—-PK, Advanced level Scientologist from the 1950s

“I believe Glenn is a very compassionate and loving person and has pure intentions to help, and has done so for me personally. He has helped me in my discernment on things going on in my current life, as well as helped me very much in disentangling myself from the trap that is the Satanic Cult of Scientology.”
—-NM, Ex Scientologist, now a seminary student

“Thank You Glenn! You have been such a great support to me through this living nightmare with my kids… and excellent advice. I appreciate greatly everything you’re doing to help me and others in similar situations. JUSTICE IS COMING VERY SOON!!!!”
—-LH (See her story, “A Mother’s Heartbreak,”

“For those who would envision counseling tailored to your situation you need look no further than Glenn. He does have the experience and knowhow from working directly under the top tech terminals (i.e. top Scientology echelon) of old including LRH. Some of the truths he reveals about the early days are not easy to confront but having five years in hell on staff weren’t easy to confront either…

“I like the fact that I handled in less than 10 hours long-term issues about (Scientology) Clear and traumatic incidents this lifetime. You are free to communicate and cognite (i.e. experience a realization) and have your wins without overrun or fear when you get counseling here. He knows what he is doing and that expertise is gained from many hours of experience that is obvious when you experience the simplicity that was absent in the Church of Scientology. Have no fear, you will be well taken care of. The ‘L’ rundown I am doing brings about the changes in beingness and knocks out barriers and encumbrances easier and really helps to regain yourself and abilities faster than anything I have experienced before. So, I would recommend to connect with Glenn and at least get an interview to see for yourself.”
—-F. R.

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