How to Stay Clean, Clear, and Able

The true rewards and purpose of confession and forgiveness

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -Mahatma Gandhi
“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

It recently came to light that in 1974 L. Ron Hubbard, the leader of Scientology, admitted in a memo to technical staff aboard the ship Apollo that he deliberately used confessional doctrine for control purposes to keep Scientologists in line. He revealed that he knew that
people left due to upsets, not their own overt acts. He felt that if he stated this publicly he would lose control of his sect and made David Mayo and Bill Franks swear that the contents of the memo would never be revealed. (See post: Using the confessions of members to control them against their will is nothing new in destructive cults.

The “cult of confession” is an integral part of mind control. Group members are bound to confess their transgressions to the group or in a session and driven to be “sinless.” It is impossible to be sinless, however it is a decent goal. But destructive cults use that admirable goal abusively to control their members’ thoughts, blackmail them and force adherence to the leader’s doctrines. A perverted sense of confession keeps the members in line while allowing the leader(s) to teach the member to self-monitor their thoughts and actions. In a destructive cult the most potent “evil” thoughts are those against the leader. This philosophy is imbedded so deeply that the mere idea of thinking a critical thought against the leader brings on a morality crisis and anxiety within the true believer. This is true even years after the person has left the organized religion. Some ex-cult members still somehow blindly believe the leader to be inerrant, or will mitigate documented abuse because they believe that the leader’s contribution to their own personal wellbeing is far more important than abuse and human rights violations on a multitude of others.

Historical Forgiveness and Confession Confession and forgiveness form a significant cornerstone in many religions. Untainted confession leads to purity, ability and power. Power in the sense that as an individual you do not deteriorate easily; it leads to feeling pure, clean and clear. Freedom comes from not having regrets and not being pinned in the past with retaliatory thoughts against oneself and others. Self-determination evolves from being able to change destructive patterns in your life.

The Buddha was once spit in the face by a stranger; he took it, and simply asked the offender, “What’s next?” The Buddha explained to his repulsed and vengeful minded disciples that the
man was only spitting on a notion of the Buddha, maybe something he heard about him; something in his own mind. Buddha’s question, “What’s next?” is reminiscent of Jesus’ suggestion, “Turn the other cheek.” (Matthew 5:39) Both Buddha and Jesus were basically saying, “What is your next communication, whatever it is I can face it?” Neither one ever responded to abuse the way that men normally do. Neither would flee, bribe, get angry or act revengeful. They both realized that to understand everything is to forgive everything.

Buddha and Jesus made the act of confessing very easy for anyone; especially if they saw repentance. When the spitting man came to the Buddha the next day he forgave him. The Buddha asked again, ”What’s next?” The man fell at the Buddha’s feet asking for forgiveness. He had not slept all night for he was deeply affected by the kindness he had been shown and was filled with remorse. Buddha said, “Forgive? But I am not the same man to whom you did it to. The Ganges (River) goes on flowing; it is never the same Ganges again. Every man is a river. The man you spit upon is no longer here. I look just like him, but I am not the same, much has happened in these twenty-four hours! The river has flowed so much. So I cannot forgive you because I have no grudge against you.” The next morning acting contrite he came again to the Buddha. “And you also are new. I can see you are not the same man who came yesterday because that man was angry and he spit, whereas you are bowing at my feet, touching my feet. How can you be the same man? You are not the same man, so let us forget about it. Those two people, the man who spit and the man on whom he spit, both are no more……”

Jesus did much the same thing to Peter, the leader of his disciples. Peter denied knowing him three times the night before his crucifixion. Peter was nearly suicidal by his own betrayal. Jesus did not abandon him, but did forgive and came to Peter after the resurrection. He simply asked Peter three times if Peter loved Him. The questions of love were not asked with any blame or shame; but the message was clear. I know what you did and all I ask is that you love me. He knew that if Peter could love again with all his heart he had overcome his transgressions and guilt. Love and forgiveness rehabilitated and healed the relationship immediately and with ease. Peter was fully restored as the leader of the group.

Forgiveness and confession are both acts of the will and require strength. Historically in the Judaic culture sin was confessed individually or corporately in conjunction with a profession of faith in God. Only God could forgive sin. Jesus stated that the Son of Man could forgive sins on earth. (Matthew 9:6) This made it possible for priests and pastors to forgive. Buddhism and other Eastern beliefs also honor confession as the cleansing of negativity. Certain sects realized that transgressions not confessed and repented make one weak. Confession and remedial actions lead to power. Power has four main opponents: regret, reliance (due to transgressions failing relationships), inability to repent and not remedying the error by good works. Feeling regret is obvious how it limits power; reliance is not as easy to see. Reliance occurs because the person is not there in the present as much having been weakened from overt acts; the communication is no longer pure so emotions become convoluted. Since one person is weakened reliance on the other’s strength is
imperative to keep the relationship working. The relationship is no longer empowered equally. Repentance is very important. Repeating the same transgressions over is one definition of insanity. Strength is needed to not commit the same acts again. Remedies such as amends, doing good works and charity can help restore goodwill.

Confessing and finding the motivation behind doing the transgression is very important, but as Jesus’ example proved, a lot can be accomplished and short circuited with love. It also takes courage to face those you have harmed and make it right. That is why the word power comes into play. It takes power to change and it also takes power to keep forgiving someone.

If one is a leader the harm is exponential. What the leader orders can affect multitudes. Professional liars like the current and past Scientology spokesmen plus people who work(ed) in the Office of Special Affairs who persuade members to spy and commit crimes have an impact on thousands of people. More significant leaders than a small group like Scientology create an even greater blow. There is no way to actually do enough remedial actions to make up the damage to all those affected. That’s why biblically speaking confessing to God was the most important confession. It is believed in Judeo/Christian teachings that God can clean the slate and reverse the exponential factors. I don’t want to get into a religious debate here; but good works alone cannot undo the far reaching affects done by a psychopathic political, religious or spiritual leader. It is obvious why confessing to God helps and can be preferred. Dishonest and perverted
men often abuse and taint the confession.

The subject of confession has been abused in all of society; however, none worse than in Scientology and other destructive cults. In Scientology, confession has become perverted andabusive plus ultimately forgiveness in non-existent. It is used in a multi-faceted way; a mind control threat system to keep members in line, a greedy money maker where advanced students must pay tens of thousands of dollars to continue courses, black ops to gain data on other members, and the absolute worst, to blackmail. Confession abuse goes on in other destructive cults, but not to the same degree or sophistication. In some instances, Scientology has used confession as inquisition to destroy the will of the individual. This often results in
nervous breakdowns and irreparable psychic damage.

In 1982 top Scientology executive and original LRH messengers were often dragged out of bed in the middle of the night for gang security checks. An inquisitor and other cohorts would scream and curse for
overt acts and “crimes.” The purpose of these interrogations had nothing to do with confession; it had to do with breaking the spirit and will of the individual. Some were broken and stayed but most of them left the Sea Org; it was better to leave than to accept repeated beatings of the mind and soul.

In the Miscavige era, security checking has become more destructive, if that is possible. Nancy Many outlined it in her book, “My Billion Year Contract.” The OSA directed confessional by one
of two Miscavige approved security checkers landed Nancy in the hospital with a severe nervous breakdown. Many others that I have worked with have received similar treatment; locked in a room, screamed at for crimes until they break. People treated this way have recurring nightmares, are dissociative with post traumatic stress, and are devastated with phobias like, “I won’t ever pick up the cans again!”

Confessional abuse has carried over to the independent field where some practitioners are still very legalistic and rigid. I have found auditors, solo auditors, and preclears afraid to talk; they don’t write down everything for the case supervisor. It may well be that the ability to trust is lost due to a carryover from corporate church abuse. However, if the field organization is robotic to Hubbard’s purpose of confession rather than what it should be the client will perceive it and will withhold.

In its intended form confession and forgiveness are freeing, purifying and empowering to the soul. As the title of the post suggests, in Scientology terms, it is a way to stay clear. In secular terms, whatever abilities and gifts you have can remain intact. Personal degradation does not have to occur. If you do something that violates another and it is not confessed, the incident is carried forward in your mind forever. On the other hand, if something is done to you and you do not forgive, the same mental phenomenon occurs. When the incidents are triggered either transgression can be played back as a recording in your mind over and over. Furthermore, the ideas, justification and reasoning that one concludes about the incidents hold it tightly in place, especially revenge. That is the genus of how to create a reactive or aberrant mind.

When I took a hiatus from counseling for about ten years I studied and was involved with different groups. During a particularly bad period of my life I was befriended and helped by a Christian group. The esprit de corps were men who followed Jesus’example the best they could and had a giving, loving, and forgiving spirit. Scientology does not believe that clears can be made outside of its own technology, however by practicing forgiveness and leading moral lives, in essence, these men were not actively creating a reactive mind. By confessing their sins to one another or to the pastor in safety and by practicing forgiveness no new recordings were made. Yes “clean hands make a happy life,”but more important than that forgiveness in love to one another creates a “clear” life. That is essential to staying clean, clear, and able. For ex-Scientologists or former members of cults it is imperative that they do not forsake the rites of confession and forgiveness in their lives. It is important that you get any past confessional errors or abuse cleaned up. You can do this yourself by simply writing it in a journal or by getting a session with a qualified counselor. If you are a Scientologist, you can write it up as a reverse Overt/Withhold write up; the zero step or the difficulty would be something like “bad confessional” or “my overt acts were confessed to others out of session.” Then write up the errors under that heading until you get relief. There could be a number of such difficulties including confessionals, security checks, ethics interviews, justice actions, OW write ups, interrogations, six month checkups for advanced students, and so on. I know thatfalse purpose rundown techniques are mixed with simple confessionals creating an absolute mess on advanced cases*. If you were not in Scientology simply journaling the times when you were not believed, accused, withheld because it was not safe, forced to confess, etc. should be written up. The purpose of these actions is to feel safe about confessing again. Once that occurs you should be able to feel freer to forgive others as well. By imparting compassion and freeing others of their burdens you will create a more loving environment. A bonus will be that you will receive the personal benefit of maintaining your case state and not deteriorate as a spirit. This can be considered another step of how to Return to Freedom.

(*It is imperative that if you had security checking mixed with the false purpose rundown that disregard advanced level techniques that you get cleaned up immediately. It has caused forgetfulness and illness.)–GS


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    Hi Glenn! Good post =) As a public at Flag I experienced the “gang bang” attempted sec check. I was told to come in immediately that “they” had something to go over with me and it was nothing bad, just a nice conversation. I get there and get locked in room with two MAA’s. One of them (with whom I had never met or seen before) starts screaming at me and flailing her arms and pointing in my face that I am out ethics and all my friends are out ethics and I am to start confessing. I didn’t show her the “respect” she expected and they put me in for a metered interview that of course made no sense to me. The questions were all centered around the evil people I was supposedly associating with, unfortunately for them I didn’t have a clue who they were asking about… epic fail for them but it scared me into being robotically good for years. I was scared to do anything as I might end up “in trouble” again. Breaking free from that mind set and being able to think and look for myself has been very cathartic.
    Thanks for the great posts!

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      You’re welcome Chrissie,
      Besides being brutal, most of the Questions are off base and dumb. When my ex wife was getting inquisitioned at Gilman’s in 82 they were asking about my uncle, the jeweler, not her father the police commissioner. As a police commissioner he knew “everyone” in the FBI from the chief on down. Instead they were asking where my uncle got his money. The way she got out was to threaten the criminals with her dad and the FBI.
      You were “scared straight” for awhile, but enforcement never lasts. Glad you are living freely.

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    I washed my hands of Hubbard’s past lives talk therapy, and Hubbard’s high volume dead space alien souls exorcism.

    I’ve completely soured on non professionally trained (meaning college degrees in therapy, or at least for ministers, they take college advanced courses, like grad student level courses) in therapy counseling for their parishioners.

    I’d only trust Christian ministers who are college trained in therapy counseling, and I’d only trust college degreed psychologists or psychiatrists.

    Hubbard’s therapy has been branded a religious activity, and a lot of media, scholars have been hoodwinked into NOT calling Hubbard’s therapy what it is. It’s past lives talk therapy, and it’s high volume exorcism of dead space alien souls (these souls, called “body thetans” were implanted with false ideas —- the famous R6 implants —- supposedly during the 4th Dynamic Engram, 75 million years ago, by Xenu).

    It’s pathetic that Scientologists have been convinced by Hubbard, and it’s pathetic that so many outsiders still think that Scientology is somehow something greater than simply being past lives talk therapy and high volume exorcism!

    I myself never got any “gang bang” sec checking, possibly because in the back of my mind was my “escape valve” intention to go get legal counsel and go to the media and spill the beans on my life in the Sea Org, so they might have not wanted to put the screws to me.

    But frankly, my 7 (almost) years on the RPF, 1996-2003, I didn’t see much evidence of any of the rough “bad” gang bang sec checking.

    The more Scientology flashes ex members’ transgressions in the public to smear the ex members, I say fine, go ahead.

    Because it shows how illegitimate Scientology is as a “religion”, and its abominable psychotherapy practice to boot!

    Holly Carlson on Facebook made a good comment, I paraphrase, move on to something else, as fast as you can, and leave the whole Scientology crap behind as fast as you can!

    I think if a person needs some counseling, get it from college degree experienced therapists.

    That’s my view today.

    My 27 years of Scientology included (per what the Scientologists in Office of Special Affairs said about my “case”) over 3,000 hours of sec checking on the RPF.

    None of that sec checking did anything for me. In Hubbardology I’d be a no case gain. I turned all that sec checking into me thinking about life.

    I discarded all my past life fantasies, finally, realizing that my thousands of hours of whole track (past life) transgressions were my imagination, and it was all a joke. THAT made me happy and free!

    Scientology’ is a non-peer-reviewed past lives talk therapy, and the upper levels are high volume exorcism of the supposed dead alien souls that Xenu mass murdered and implanted during the Wall of Fire/4th Dynamic Engram, 75 million years ago.

    Scientology just has no leg to stand on at all, and people who need and want therapy ought to seek out college degreed professionals they are happy to trust their “cases” to.

    Scientologists are trained, by Hubbard, not even to define what their practice is, and continually misidentify their practice as something other than what it actually is.

    It’s therapy, past lives talk therapy, and it’s exorcism on OT levels 3, 5 and 7 today.

    I don’t think anyone but professional therapists should be giving therapy to people.

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    3000 hours of Sec Checking just might push a person away from being Cause on the Dynamics. I thought a person rehabilitated OT abilities on the OT levels. At the very least, logically, allowing unlimited time, space, potentials, etc viewpoints would be very liberating compared to what shrinks allow. I’ve done no Bridge, it’s just logical, from what I’ve read. Keep searching for freedom, so you can help others to freedom. G.

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      thank you,
      What Chuch sais about 3000 hours of sec checking, says a lot. That defeats the whole purpose of confessing. It in itself is abuse. Note that Chuck differentiates between psychologists and psychiatry. Some psychologists are apt to help one get free if so trained. Also his emphasis on education is valid as putting your life in the hands of an untrained person is risky. That was a initial rap on Dianetics from day one. However, someone like me and others who have worked with clients over 10-15,000 hours and are trained on Scientology and other psychology forms could probably well enought trained to get by without college.

      1. //


        I concluded that the people, like yourself, who were exemplary excellent auditors would have been excellent psychotherapists and psychologists, had let’s say LRH not even come along and had you somehow only gone the college trained therapist route.

        I remember watching some of the old CCHR anti psych talk programs that the “psych-buster” guys would get on, and try to bullbait and smear psychologists. I saw too many times that the psychologist who was being attacked by our CCHR guys, were actually decent people, and no amount of smearing a decent person works.

        Scientologists have been prejudiced against psychologists, AND psychiatrists.

        And Glenn, factually, my views are pretty much along the lines of this latest article in the New York Review of Books, where some practicing psychiatrists are anti the abuses of psychiatry and the abuses of the pharmaceutical industry, but who WILL use psych drugs because they actually believe they work.

        I just am NOT well enough informed, but at least I’m free of the knee jerk prejudices that Hubbard built right into long term Scientologists’ minds by his years and years of anti psych rants, including calling psychs “whole track” criminal monsters who have just reincarnated to destroy every society they ever interact with.

        That whole Scientology space opera fantasy universe that Hubbard involves long term “upper levels” Scientologist “OT” people into believing IS somehow earth’s reality, is an abomination of evil wrong targeting.

        There are good psychiatrists also!

        And Glenn, you, I wish you had somehow missed Scientology, and instead just went earlier in your life becoming a good psychotherapist, because you are just a really good person, have a good “comm cycle”, and you display the Auditor’s Code..

        I noticed though, that ministers, Christian ministers, and psychs I’ve seen on TV (particularly the ones who displayed immense character when confronted with our lying CCHR attack machine robots) I would trust my “case” if I ever needed talk therapy, to the outside world trained therapists who employ whatever non religious, and unbiased and no therapy that goes woo-woo into “past lives” which are fantasy/imagination.


        PS: Here’s a link to the New York Review article, this is cutting edge psychiatrists critical views about themselves, and the man who’s name begins with a C, he’s the guy, I went to his web site and read some of his blogs, he’s what I would call a good psychiatrist.
        Danial Carlat is the psychiatrisst who has the blog that is worth reading, and this article is worth reading, to “unbrainwash” one of the Hubbard anti psych prejudices, in my opinion.

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          Thank you Chuck,
          I too am free of the knee jerk reaction from the implanted information about psychs from our youth in Scn. Medicines including psych meds have their time and place. Psych meds are an art not a science so leave a lot to be desired. They also have serious side effects, but for someone truly psychotic and damaging self and others they serve their purpose. Freedom of thought is the gift to know what is true and correct for the situation at hand. Even Hubbard used seditives for those who needed them on the ship. As you say the rest is robot land.
          I will read the link you sent and appreciate your time and commentary.


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