How a Destructive Cult Destroys Itself

And as for Scientology itself, under Miscavige? I think they’re going to have to change or die.”
Janet Reitman, Author, “Inside Scientology, The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion”

Destructive cults destroy themselves because they are run by sociopaths who make their own and the group’s demise inevitable. You cannot cause exsanguinations of your members and think that people who are bleeding to death will give up their last five dollars to the cause with smiles on their faces. Sooner or later people wake up and leave or there is enough controversy and harm to unite humanity to destroy the destroyer.

More importantly, if you enslave people in any way whether it is mentally or physically your group will die. Slavery violates natural law which is senior to any government or group. Any group in world history that has been involved in slavery has perished; early Egypt, Babylonia, the Roman Empire, the Third Reich, Communist Russia et al.

That’s why my clients, other independents, and ex-cult members get significant gain so quickly once out of the cult culture. For those who were in the Rehabilitation Project Force or other prison/slave labor facilities in a destructive group have a greater appreciation of freedom that comes from independence. Even when audited by the most rigidly legalistic of independents, it is still a freer climate than corporate Scientology. The counselor and the client do not have to fight the organization’s greed driven agenda nor the extreme mind control factors and nearly as much legalism. The counselor sitting in front of his/her client is focused only on one thing, their betterment and nothing else. The factors present in destructive cults or groups ensure their demise by their own hands. If your group has a major number of these points, it will fail.

    The factors that led to the fall and destruction of the Third Reich and other destructive cults:

1. Unstable psychotic leader(s)
2. Slavery or slave-like entrapments causing governments to unite against them
3. Themes that justify violence; mental, physical and financial abuses
4. Continued proliferation of grandiose lies
5. Constant orders to subordinate members that violate basic fundamental morality and natural law
6. Violence, harassment and abuse to members and dissenters
7. Wage wars for real or fancied reasons
8. Members living under constant threat
9. Estrange allies
10. Spying internally and externally
11. Common distrust and reporting on its own members
12. False reporting statistics and achievements to their own members and the world
13. Elimination of leisure pursuits and fun
14. Extravagant ceremonies that create zeal and hysteria resulting in the loss of individual and group rationality
15. A belief in destiny, “We are children of the Gods” or “Only we can save the planet”
16. An inability to say no to leader(s), “We must!”
17. Disintegration of conscience by creating a “wolf” or attack mentality
18. Outlawing bad reports, bad PR, and critical thought about the group or leader
19. Withholding vital information and reports from members
20. Older generation of valued members is eliminated leaving the organization to idealistic, robotic youth
21. Eliminate youth’s education on other than group doctrine
22. Controlled marriages, disintegration of family and childbirths
23. Attack a too powerful foe setting up an unwinnable scenario
24. No acceptance of change or failure along with no realization when the war is over
25. No surrender
26. No funds or time to rebuild due to inability to admit errors and correct them until it is too late
27. Inability to confront crimes and abuse against members and mankind in general
28. Blame failure on cowardice and lack of member’s purpose
29. Preach “Final Victory” despite failures or no progress as the walls crumble all around
30. Collective guilt and shame
31. Suicide or abdication of the leader(s) who steal the amassed wealth

There is no need to worry about the Miscaviges of the world. They wind up killing themselves, end up in jail or go into hiding. Unfortunately, they take the group down with them. If you have not left a group that practices most of the above points, it is time to do so.


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    Glenn, you are spot on, (again). No one needs to do anything to bring DM down He will be his own undoing.

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    It will be nice, but unfortunately, what happens, is the good people in any of these destructive cults temper the worst, they don’t act like the top sociopaths, they are the timid good followers, and they are sorta like the “meek that inherit the earth”, after all the psycho assholes blow as much up of the world as their insanities direct them.

    Sure Miscavige is the sociopath, I mean, it’s the common opinion, but he hasn’t had this as an official diagnosis, but there are so many thousands of incidents of Miscavige acting way more extreme which the ex members who witnessed Miscavige’s excesses have told on the chat sites, so granted, in those moments he was acting completely out of control, in a way that in any normal business his employees would have left in droves, in the Sea Org top ranks, the top people have stayed because they are there for LRH.

    Janet makes the point that LRH was NOT so one-sidedly bad as Miscavige is, she has her own way of putting this, but she gets that Miscavige is NOT LRH, and LRH had “more” going for him, although he has his own problems, which even she did not totally lambaste him for.

    Her book is well written, she puts so much of Hubbard and Scientology’s recent years history in current cultural topical language, that he books is very much a great date stamp of the last couple decades.

    I hope, and expect, that Janet will return to Scientology in a decade or two from now, and re-visit the subject and movement.

    I urge people to read her book, absorb her good writing about Scientology and Hubbard. She is a great writer.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org (1975-2003)
    hopeful promoter of ex Sea Org members writing their memoirs as accurately and extensively as they can!!! (New ex Int Base staff need to WRITE the latest!!)

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      Thanks Chuck, yes there is always collusion between the preditor and prey. It was crazy on the Apollo but always seemed to swing back to some sort of sensibility before it became crazy again, but in the Miscavige era it seems there has never been balance to any sort of degree, especially in the terms of justice, amnesties, forgiveness, etc.
      I was wondering why you and others stayed around after 1982-3 when it was obvious at least to me, that justice was thrown out the window and people were being declared right and left at whimsy.

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        Glen, Main reason, I thought that LRH didn’t want the movement to die. Remember I was a bureaucrat training supervisor, I trained the staff bureaucrats, and I was positive that LRH didn’t want the whole administrative bureaucracy to fall apart. Remember I was the OEC/FEBC and admin course sup and word clearer, that was my total focus, and area of expertise. LRH did not die, as was said he might be, then, and had he died, and had things really gone spluey, but remember, in 1982, right as you left, the whole corporate sortout was being done. I went to Int in 1983, and also I even at Clearwater, before going to Int, read enough of the traffic and programs and knew the marching orders coming down, knew that ASI had been formed, knew ASI was full of some old timers, like Starkey, Greg Wilhere, and for those two alone, knowing ASI was sort of the handling of the old “Pers Office” so LRH’s needs and things were being taken care of, with the new legal corporate setup, so LRH had ASI as his “personal org”, and it was “For profit”, and I knew LRH was still alive, and well. He wrote LRH 339R Int, he wrote the other LRH ED Ron’s Journals, so Glen, realize, I was a “company man”, and the “company” is what LRH built, and he was still having the corporations all sorted out so as to be “legal” and then when I went to Int in the summer of 1983, I was the gung ho people there, saw all the old Commodore’s Messengers, particularly Janis Grady, Marc Yager, Marc Ingber, Wendell Reynolds, I personally have more sympathy for CMO Int people, and less sympathy for the RTC people, although I had been friends with Vicki Aznaran, so she at that time was in RTC, and I think the Marlowes, Steve and Laura, were in RTC or Steve might have been in CMO Gold, and Laura in Exec Strata, they moved down from RTC at some point, but Glen, there were still so many Apollo vintage people I respected and trusted and looked up to, who were at Int.

        I could go on for another half hour, on what Int looked like. One other person, remember Byron, forget his last name. Chris Byrnes, there were so many Apollo vets still there, even though there were tons gone. I saw enough familiar Apollo vet faces, and remember I was NOT an Apollo vet, I came in Dec 1975 to the FLB, just as all the Apollo vets landed in Clearwater.

        There were still so many Apollo vets still hanging in there. Deld was in LA, running Comps from the old Bridge Building on the Catalina St side of the complex. Julia Watson was at ASI, and in AVC for a short time.

        The FB was still at Clearwater, and even though so many people all got kicked out, I just didn’t think LRH wanted the whole admin setup to just fall apart.

        Also, frankly, being more of a lower down the pecking order person, and “woodenly” literal about what LRH wrote about the admin setups, I took his LRH EDs literally, and strove to find in what LRH actually finally wrote, and being on the admin project i was on, for the next couple years, I had chance to read LRH’s final years of traffic, and I could see he did NOT entertain for a second, that he wanted the bureaucracies to just fall apart, due to the personal fights that left so many other admin Sea Org members declared SP.

        I never experienced firsthand any crazy behavior from Miscavige, I only heard about it, and people as you know, in the Sea Org, as the years go on, tend to NOT emphasize the reasons the “good” former people were complaining about, all you heard about was they “blew”. The best that was done in honor of those that blew, was their close friends would NOT bad mouth them, I noticed. I hated seeing the Apollo vets all blow and get blown off the lines.

        The arguments, I didn’t hear what the arguments were over, and it wasn’t until I actually got out, finally, in 2003, that I finally found online the story of the findings and recs of the big comm ev the one that condemned Kerry and the others.

        But mainly, being a wooden admin nerd, I stayed for LRH’s writings, about the admin setup and even my predictions about Scientology’s long range future, are all admin toned, since I think people do NOT estimate how big of a permanent influence LRH’s admin writings are on the Sea Org bureaucracies.

        I just finished Janet’s book, finally, and the last chapter, last section, Janet gives the final word to a young onlines Scientologist. It’s kind of inspirational, what this apparent legitimate onlines Flag public lower level, not clear, but a young Scientologist woman who aspires to get into Stanford, study law, and she’s read the critical stuff on SCientology on the internet, and she still thinks her church should take responsibility to fix itself.

        If Janet’s book can be read by young onlines Scientologists, and some of them face the actual recent years history, and some of them get their college educations, and they do some career in life for a bit, and THEN they go move into the “bureaucracy” and take on the system, then there might be some people who have the drive to fix the mess.

        Janet’s largest problem she’s found with Hubbard is that she labels Scientology a fundamentalist religion, with such rigid doctrines, that it will be difficult to reform.

        I thought it hopeful, that Janet gives a young Scientologist who is no nonsense about aspiriing to get into and get her college degree, the final word.

        We shall see.

        Anyways I was a pretty timid follower, as you probably recall. I was mainly an admin nerd, happy with the communal Sea Org lifestyle, and when all the shit hit the fan in 1982, and people were leaving, all I thought about was “what would LRH want?” I didn’t think then,and I don’t think now, that LRH would want all the membership to just throw out the admin setup.

        The days are too short, I couldn’t confront all the depths of all the problems, I just went to bed at the end of the day, woke up the next day and forgot about the loss of people streaming out of the top ranks, and just went on with the system, frankly.

        Ann, my then wife, never had any doubts, and neither did I, about leaving ourselves, even though Ann got RPFed. She just took it like a trouper, and we didn’t talk about people who left, other than to silently be sad about it.

        Ann’s still in, she’s regging for Flag, out of the FSC WUS office, I heard. I have a recent photo of her, and sent it to her neice. It’s so painful, her family is so distraught about Ann not communicating to them. Her family silently feel they “lost” her, like my family, my sister voiced this in the newspaper article written on me, that she felt “they’d taken his soul”, yea, it’s a divisive psychological phenomenon when people choose such fundamentalist religious groups over their actual family!

        And looking at Janet Reitman’s argument that Scientology is essentially such a stringent fundamentalist religion, that is why the family splitting, and friendship splitting occurs.

        Another thing I noticed both in Paulette Cooper’s book, and Janet Reitman’s book, is both of these authors have that hope that Scientology can somehow lighten the hurt Scientology causes. (I plan to read Paulette’s book parts where I recall her innocent hopes that Scientology “reform.”)

        I’m still in that possibly unrealistic state of mind hoping Scientology will “reform.”

        Your comments in the book are great Glenn!


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          Thank you Chuck for your in depth and honest account. I guess we were all “nerds” in our own way; you with the admin and me with the tech. The golden eggs that I delivered by using the tech kept me going even if we ate rooster instead of chicken on the Apollo. But the honest truth is that we were taken advantage of and to a greater of lesser degree our souls were raped, paraphrasing what your family said.
          There were points before I left that I could have/should have, but it was complicated as Mo and my sister were there at Int and CW and didn’t want to leave. I ended up leaving anyway and luckily they followed. There are alternatives now when you leave; independent auditing, exit counseling etc. None of that was available when I left. It was hard, but looking back it was for the best. Having been in contact with LRH and knowing how things were supposed to be run, it was just so different and compassionless in 82-3. That feeling pervaded and I’m sad that you and others could not know or feel the difference.
          The main point that Janet misses in her book is that the tech in the corporate church is way off base and different than LRH wanted it. People are dying and getting very ill from technical abuse. Nancy and I are helping someone recently hospitalized from tech abuse. It goes on every day and is another reason other than what I wrote in this post is how Scientology will fail. There is no way that Janet can really comment on that which I will do in my book. However, that is very important because after all, it was why I was there, and why I worked for practically nothing. It wasn’t about money it was because I could make people’s pain go away…

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            Yes Glenn, I unfortunately was NOT there when LRH C/Sed, and when the other “tech giants” on the Apollo and at the FLB at first, were the total “tech” atmosphere. I didn’t make it past the HSDC Internship, and only audited a mere 4 FCCIs on the older “Standard Dianetics” (1-9 A-D commands, NOT the newer and existing “NED”).

            But I think I’ve told you I did at least look on, and I did at least notice that the older Apollo vintage top FCCI HGC “tech” persons were a WHOLE OTHER ORDER OF TECH QUALITY than anything since that time period, that is for sure, I did notice that, at least.

            Karen Delacarriere has spoken numerous times online about how under her C/Sing, she did NOT allow anyone to suicide, or have the horrible tragedies that befell other Flag Tech terminals.

            But Glenn, there were tragidies on the Apollo, I believe a young woman shot herself even on the Apollo, although under which “tech” terminals that occured, and whether she was “on auditing lines”, had she been, then of course that bursts the bubble of the Apollo vintage tech being spotless.

            In general, for sure, I’ve always agreed Apollo trained tech people SHARED their LRH C/Sing instructions, and all the fine points with one another.

            One of the things about the Golden Age of Tech, was that it somehow was a 2 decade catchup “handling” to the earlier Flag training where vet Flag trained auditors who had audited under LRH did the drilling and there was the personal apprecnticeship-like trickle down effect, with LRH being closer to the “tech” C/Sing and auditing lines, so that any “auditors on LRH’s lines” really had to do it right, and got drilled by others who were successful auditing on “LRH’s lines” type of atmosphere. GAT just cannot accomplish that type of quality.

            All this said, though, Glenn, and granting the best well intentionedness of LRH, of the people who believed they’d achieved the BEST that LRH intended for “tech” terminals to accomplish in the interest of improving people’s cases, I still have to say that even when ALL was done, in the best of times, by the best intentioned people, with the best of intentions, that there were STILL A WHOLE LOTTA of people who were Staff on the Apollo who LEFT, even all through the “BEST” Apollo years.

            I’ve read SO MANY, and really appreciate and hope MORE ex Apollo vets who “left” (blew or just routed out, or took leaves and never came back, etc, etc) tell their stories. I’ve seen exceptions, meaning it is NOT 100% perfect, and never was 100% golden years when LRH was on the “tech lines” making ALL cases shine.

            LRH even in the Ex DN Case Supervisor instructions, which I read at my leisure when I did Expanded Dianetics while on the “Happy Valley / Int RPF”, and LRH in the Ex DN C/Ses even still in print as the “final word” today, is sometimes admitting that things don’t ALWAYS work out for the case. A lot of those Ex DN cases were botched, and did poorly afterwards, blew, and Alan Gilbertson, who I saw on Facebook the other day, he’s over in England now, Alan was the old CS-4 Tech Research Comps officer who last worked, and unfortunately failed, to get the Ex DN materials fully piloted and finished and wrapped up and thus the R Comps people, I believe Dan Koon or Russ Williams will be able to tell us who finally wrapped up the Ex DN stuff, but in any case the Ex DN research ended up being sort of a mishmash final compilations job. It included some LRH comments showing LRH was NOT happy with some of the piloting. IT shows that things even in the Apollo vintage “tech” heyday, with LRH directly on the lines, did NOT always go smoothly, and result in perfect results.

            And Ex DN, in my opinion is a perfect and very important “bar” to set as a “standard” of LRH’s overally competence in dealing with the “worst” (Ex DN being supposedly a more “tough” case phenomenon to deal with).

            So honestly, the more I let my mind roll over history details Glenn, the more I see, some major “outnesses” in LRH’s final sort of what I would call his mid to late years of research, and Ex DN would be a good example. Some freezone and later tech terminals would jump to say, that due to Ex DN being piloted on so many “OT” cases, that due to running so much of the Dianetics, they inevitably were running into “body thetans” tracks, and not the actual pc’s engram timetrack, fine I’d agree with that even (even though I’m not a true believer in “body thetans” and their “time tracks” going splooey into the pc’s time track, etc, etc). I’d allow that excuse.

            But to me, Glenn, the BIG thing is that YOU Apollo vets, honestly, my honest Chuck Beatty opinion, no BS, is that LRH COULD turn on the “theta” (the charm) and that phrase “glow things right”, he could just amplify his personal charm and reassuring “positive postulate” almost hypnotic “command” phrase intention, and while he was engaged in this mode of “outflow” to whomever he was addressing verbally, or when he wrote while in this ultra “postive postulate” mental mode, that “we” (namely you Apollo vets) didn’t question, didn’t doubt that what he was communicating WAS the truth.

            Not to say he bamboozled us with his positive postulates, but he surely outflowed such confidence about his conclusions and decisions and directions, that people ALL agreed (excepting the ones that we can read about, since they have told their stories on the internet for decades now, and the doubters all left, and my point is there were doubters even then, while YOU mesmerized Apollo tech vets were in your trance of total tone 40 positive postulate agreement with LRH).

            I admired those that had that tone 40 agreement of utter certainty, those of you who lived to hear LRH speak, or hear those that heard LRH speak what LRH spoke, with that total confidence that he spoke what he spoke, and everyone around him, due to being pretty durned receptive and willing to receive what he said as the utter truth, well it makes sense that there would be this sort of “disciple” clique around him, the “tech” people who really knew that what he said “worked.” Since all you saw was it working.

            I witnessed what I witnessed in the Apollo vet tech people. And since leaving and listening, I hear on YouTube and read the writings of the Apollo vets and “pcs” who didn’t quite get the total miraculous “always works, all the time” “tech”.

            But you had and have that experience, I only witnessed you and the others. The “blown out” wins, I remember seeing people even in December 1975, and Jan 1976, being dizzy from their “wins” on the Flag Hard TRs Course, and I recall in the spring and summer of 1976 reading the OT wins of the L’s pcs at Flag, the handwritten success stories thumb-tacked up on the PCs Wins board in the old “Garden Room” HGC, the case cracker wins, and particularly the L’s wins, i read them every time I came to get an exam, I fed on those wins. A lot of sharing of OT phenomena, people remote viewing, reading minds stuff, stuff that I so wished were true and what the world could someday be transformed into.

            Well at least there weren’t any wars amongst the pcs nor staff, particularly, in 1976.

            Robin Lindsell I saw blow his cool, throw his clipboard and dent the wall, but other than that, I think the Flag Service Org execs pretty much were totally smooth and gracious and exceptionally efficient.

            Even when I think of how the FSO execs of 1976 behaved, I’ve not even really delved into the actual “beingness” of the Flag execs, the ones who worked the tech and qual lines, and the “back” lines, of the FSO, and even the Flag Crew, in late 1975-1976, compared to year by year, as the years progressed.

            I think ALL of the Flag staff were sort of in a spell that included the other components of LRH’s personal charm/confidence/professionalness/chipperness. (Meaning things slowy deteriorated in ALL of the Flag divs, FSO and FC, and I think the Apollo vets themselves witnessed this, and felt it TOO!!)

            There was LRH’s impact, his personal “positive” personality impant, I think, I witnessed it second hand, in the people who witnessed LRH just a few months before (I came to the FLB on about 12 Dec 1975, the Apollo vets last got a briefing from LRH I think in Oct 1975 over at Daytona, correct).

            Anyways Glenn, I think LRH’s personal presence, the whole beingness he presented, to you Apollo vets, I came just AFTER he even was there.

            I was just a few months away from experiencing his charm and how he bore himself in public to those of you who were is last “staff” in the orgs he directly was “over.”

            So Glenn, I think too, to put our discussion totally in context, LRH as a person, DID have a more fuller impact on people, even though I’m willing to go right into all the harsh criticism of him, in all his other moments, and for his writings which today put the whole Scientology movement in such a pickle of its continued abuse of its members, accelerated I’d admit and grant, by this johnny come lately David Miscavige.

            There is so much OTHER details, about LRH, about those final years, about the brain drain of those around LRH in his final months of the Apollo and at Daytona, and just the weeks and months after, until he fled to DC and kept fleeing till he died.

            Again Glenn, thankyou SO MUCH for contributing to Janet Reitman’s book.

            If any Apollo vets read what I write here, please strongly consider doing your memoirs.
            email me, 412-260-1170

            Thanks for what you do Glenn!


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            Thaks Chuck.
            A few things:
            I think you underestimate your ability, you could have been made into an auditor. The NZ “mafia” was a hard thing to get by and they weeded out rather than trained. I think that inval stuck with you.
            As far as LRH glowing us; it was actually the opposite. Those that knew him, knew he was as Janet called him, “an artistic temperment.” He could be brilliant and charming and then blow up like a volcano (pun intended). We knew the guy; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I wrote a post about it, a just gave a glimpse of who he really was. It caused a big flap in the independents and I actually lost some clients and “friends.” People who didn’t really know him, even from the Apollo, and especially the field tended to be more inamored than we were, especially the “tech giants.”
            I learned the first week on board the Apollo that LRH, the tech, and the “mecca of technical perfection”, the Apollo was not all it was cracked up to be. It was when I had to go look for Quentin Hubbard who had attempted suicide.
            But what we did learn was to not be rote and get the best possible results with the tools of Scientology. I learned how it all the pieces fit together and learned how to play all the keys of the piano. This became even more evident when I left the church and began to audit on my own in the first indpendent field. It became clear to me as it is you that LRH and the tech were far from perfect. I use it on those who only speak that language, but as I said there are a lot of ways to ride a horse.
            Those who choose to think the tech inerrant and the same for LRH are foolish, especially some that were on the ship and “Class XII” and claim to have read all the tech. To me it shows that they don’t really understand who LRH was and exactly what the tech is. They are still mind controlled and narrow minded, especially as it fits into the grander picture of ancient wisdom, other isms and ologies.
            My mission is to make people understand and to think. Scientologist who are in the church and those recently out unfortunately are still riding life with blinkers on. It is my hope that they take them off and see that there other horses running the race and that the race itself is part of marathon in which Scientology has only run about a half of a mile so far.

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    It is interesting: you have used the analogy of Hitler and the Nazis before I belleve, comparing his control to Miscarriage’s and the cult on a microcosmic scale.
    During WW2 after the failed attempt to assasinate Hitler, the allies considered
    new plots to assasinate Hitler, and then came to the conclusion that it was in their best interest to leave him where he was, because his mistakes were acting to destroy the Third Reich from within. If they killed him, a really talented tactical leader like Rommel might take over and cause much more difficulty for the allies.
    In the same way, Miscaviges’ lack of education, real life experience, inflexible attitudes,
    out of control ego,and lack of humanity is destroying the cult from within at a pretty brisk rate it would appear. He is a one trick pony, it has yet to occur to him that you cannot abuse people for ever and enjoy their support – eventually even the most masochistic worm will turn. Hubbard understood that he needed to use sugar as well as salt and he could be charming, persausive and charasmatic and create loyalty. Miscavage cannot, only fear. Hubbard could react to changing situations somewhat, although he became really delusional at the end. Miscavaige has been delusional from the start.
    Apparently he is doing the best job imaginable at destroying a vindictive and abusive organization- will the government and law inforcement ever finally catch on to how many civil rights abuses have been perpetrated, by locking people up, endangering their physical and mental health, breaking up families and causing enormous emotional distress – sometimes resulting in death? And actually start bringing people to justice?
    It is staggering what abuses you can get away with in this country by calling yourself a religion -this by a man – Hubbard- who said Jesus never existed and scoffed at the idea of God.

    1. //

      thanks Chris,
      Yes true a lot of similarities there between the Sea Org and the Third Reich. Hubbard admittedly designed the CMO after Hitler’s youth groups. He wanted “blank slates.” Miscavige was just that, a blank slate, living in the bubble of a Scientology upbringing then copying Hubbard’s worst traits.
      One thing you reminded here was that political cults like the Nazis and the Communists destroy the image of God. No accountability to a higher power makes it possible to wipe out morals, ethics, and to violate God or natural laws. The proof is in the pudding…between Stalin, Hitler, and Mao Tse Tung over 50 million people were killed.
      Scientology’s ever increasing deletion of God or as it is called the 8th dynamic or infinite is running the same course. In the early 50s Hubbard talked about God in the “Notes on the Lectures” which Miscavige has removed. When LRH came up with OT 3 and the implant of 75 million years ago and also with the Class 8 course he basically said God and Jesus were implanted. It probably should be added to the list; removal of God as another main factor to group destruction.

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    The idea that Scientology was not a destructive cult until Miscavige came along is misleading, but I guess confronting the fact that L. Ron Hubbard created Scientology in a destructive cult format, even before he became the Commodore, is just too much to take for some.

    1. //

      Yes, some of my “friends” have cut communication with me because I dared to say anything negative about Hubbard. it was started by Hubbard. There was a lot of cruelty but it usually came around to some semblance of balance when he was around until 82. In 82 he told us that he wanted Scientology to be a juggernaut and got rid of any popular voice; like Mayo, Gleeson, Franks, etc. It was set up to be run in a military fashion which as the last two posts reveal make it easy for a despot to take over.

      1. //

        Was it “balance” or a balancing act?, with Hubbard “letting the reins loose,” at times, only to then tighten them again, and then let them loose again, etc. In other words, the cruelties were still there, the abuses were still there, the deception was still there, but Hubbard was more skillful at manipulating his followers.

        By 1982, Hubbard had decided to tighten the reins one last time, loot the missions, and remove anyone who was not willing to grovel.

        The idea of Scientology being a juggernaut appeared in the Bolivar PL in 1967, and it was also at that time that Scientology was set up to run in a military fashion.

        But the reins were long and fairly loose, allowing good people, on the fringes, to participate: Sounds like a clever trap.

        It’s not surprising that the final tightening of the reins was the most unpleasant.

        Thanks for the great blog. 🙂

    2. //

      I agree. The cross data which exist in SCN are the following:
      1) One cannot claim to free people, and even doing it (to a certain degree), and then making up a frame, a gulag, a cult, a total dictatorship to keep people inside. No justice, arbitraries,abuse u.s.o. That does not make sense.
      If you ask me there is a missing datum to understand this. Its speculation but for me the only
      thing which makes sense in that context is the following: At some point in time he realized that he did not found a way out. SCN is a half done. In order to preserve his glory he chosed DM to run the show as long as possible. I am sure he wittingly chosed him, because he
      knew he will mess up the show and Micavige will be the asshole. *loool I am also convinced
      that DM acts on orders of LRH ONLY.
      LRH passed away in 1986. Time enough to come back and fix everything. But nothing happened. In the meantime all technical and administrative threats you find in his writings and all mystery sandwiches work perfectly to keep SCN in/on line.
      The show of Rathbun &Rinder are the beginning of the end.


  5. //

    Thanks Alex,
    Why did they stay?
    It has to do with my mind and the apocalyptic nature of destructive cults. If you leave you will die of cancer, your relatives and yourself will be cursed for lifetimes….and so on. We were taught it was always our fault, that is part of mind control. It is never the leader(s) fault.

  6. //

    Hi Alex,

    I sure remember you in the FB.

    I also remember so many of the smaller cheeze ex Apollo vets just seemed to disappear, route out, blow, from the FLB, and that perplexed me.

    Almost one for one, when LRH left CW, I think by summer 1976 when he had to flee, and he went on his road trip first to DC and then out west, “we”, even us in the “TTC”, knew about LRH having to flee, and some of “us” in the TTC went “over the rainbow”, like Gary Miyahara, and others, (I recall a whole new round of newbies coming briefly to do the EPF at the FLB, and then “going over the rainbow” to join LRH at wherever he was, we all assumed in California somewhere)

    But the spring 1976, the defections even then of the lower level Apollo vets, their “beef” was LRH’s influence was gone, and the “execs” left were factually off policy.

    I noticed this year after year, and I’ll have to take this up, maybe I won’t, maybe it’s just too esoteric, but being myself a NON Apollo vet, and coming “aboard” in late December 1975, at the FLB, being so interested in the “pecking order” and with SO MANY, in fact the majority of the FSO and Flag Crew, I mean the majority of the staff in Clearwater simply WERE Apollo vets, and people who ALL in some way or another, had been personally impacted by LRH.

    And just look at reality, I did! These people drifted off staff, gradually.

    I think really, honestly, were there somehow there an interest and somehow some profitability in it, that some surveying should be DONE of the Apollo Vets, ALL OF THEM, who drifted OFF lines, over the years, year by year, and just do some wholesale surveying, because I think there is a lot of “fantasies” that I realize for myself, I’ve had about things.

    I do think that LRH’s presence, DID impact generations of the staff who DID spend time with him.

    And when he finally had to flee, when people at the FLB in the late 1975 months, well frankly beginning maybe even at Daytona, but I think he lived in the same building, maybe I think he lived a couple blocks away, that’s right, he was NOT in the same hotel as the FB/FSO staff at Daytona, well then at Daytona, he physcically started to have to seperate himself physically away from the FSO and FB and Aides and everyone, so THAT physical separation DID have an effect, despite all the false reasons later instead focused on to explain why things went ‘downhill’.

    Ah, remember the stats went up, with the AO 536 Tours, Watson and Harris got lots of money in, the FSO GI hit 250 Gs weekly, and things were rosey, even with LRH “not there” directly.

    LRH used to have his “daily report line” on the Apollo, no matter how real that continued to be, when he was at Dunnedin, I think it dropped out by Jan or Feb 1976.

    There is so much upclose life lived by you vets who at least were within a hundred yards of LRH, even if you didn’t talk to him verbally, you were living near people who did every day.

    That whole atmosphere of the orgs on the Apollo, that ALL were operating as if they KNEW that LRH might just be interested in EVERY little detail that each staff member was doing.

    When LRH was on the lines, he had a completely different feel to you Apollo vets, compared to DM, that is just so obvious.

    There is so much to discuss.

    When I got to ASI in 1992, and by 1993-1994 I read LRH’s traffic to ASI, I sort of picked up again, that atmosphere of friendliness, since LRH was extremely overall friendly to the AS staffers. It was almost like the number of staff at ASI was more in his capability in terms of numbers, there only being LESS than 30 ASI total staff, and he wrote to each of them, answering their NE formulats, giving them detailed instructions, he was quite bouyant and friendly to them, similar to how LRH was friendly in a lot of his taffic, in some years, on the Apollo to people he despathced detailed orders to.

    LRH I think did want to have a personal relationship, like he had on the Apollo, he wanted to have that similar relationship, since i think that is how he simply was, to most of his ASI staff, but particlarly to the ones he knew from the Apollo days.

    I so wish we had ALL of LRH’s traffic to analyze. Marty R feared Miscavige would destroy it. I doubt that.

    Likely scholars, some decades from now, will have access.

    In the meantime, I wish all the people impacted with personal face to face relationships, and who get what I’m talking about here, DO write MORE more about LRH.

    I don’t have any use for body thetan removal (exorcism), nor do I recommend people do the Hubbard therapy, but I do think honest positive personal moments spent with LRH should be put somehow into the public record.

    And I think there was a big “loss” by the Apollo vets, when LRH “moved off the lines”, meaning LRH left Clearwater, leaving sort of the ex Apollo vets in the FLB orgs to fend for themselves and defend themselves against each other, as things sort of carried on “without LRH” there to help fix things or decide ‘who was right” when people started disagreeing on how to handle thing.

    I’m so glad you’re posting Alex, and you too Chris! I remember you Chris from the FLB in 1976.

    Chuck Beatty

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