Does Scientology own the State of Clear?

(Editor Note: Scientologists and some Independent Scientologists do not believe in freedom of expression or critical discussions about this subject. To do so is considered heresy. Reading this requires freedom of thought.)

In 1950, L. Ron Hubbard introduced the idea of the state of clear in the book, “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health.” Its genus is from the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, who postulated the idea of the “Ubermensch” or a superman in 1883. The idea of a transcendent man was picked up by the Nazis to promote a master race. Hubbard took Nietzsche’s idea and framed it in a computer model; the clear was defined as a non-aberrant being whose mind is like a perfect analyzer with eidetic memory (a photographic memory; the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects with extreme precision and in abundant volume). The clear was supposed to be stably happy emotionally with highly enhanced perception and creativity that was free from psychosis, neurosis and psychosomatic illnesses. To date, no clears have been made per this definition.
Over the years the state of clear was diminished and watered down to be cause over mental energy, space and time on the first dynamic, or oneself. Everyone is cause over their mind to a greater or lesser degree. There is a specific “clear cognition” (i.e. realization about the mind) written in Scientology bulletins which can be found on line. It is a realization about responsibility more than anything else.
But there is a later definition of clear in advanced materials which can also be found on line. It states that a being is cleared when he realizes he is himself; i.e. “I’m me!” On a composite case this could be a difficult call to tell whether he really is me or not. Nevertheless, after many hours of skillful sessions and an earnest Dianetic run, a preclear should have a sense of who he/she is to a resounding degree. He/she should be able to make the state of clear by the current Scientology criteria. It is at that point that one can separate out from the composite case and get some distance from what is keeping it restimulated.
One could argue that spiritual icons such as Jesus and Buddha certainly had an exquisite and finite sense of who they were. They could have been considered “clear” at the very least. Before Siddhartha became Buddha, the enlightened one, he went through the entirety of his existences to his basic essence. To say he was not clear would be a definite degradation of whom and what he was. The same goes for Jesus and other spiritual icons; it would be a ridiculous thought to conceive that they didn’t know who they were. When LRH found out that people were saying they became clear in a past life religion, he became very upset and wouldn’t allow that. In an effort to protect clear as his propriety*, LRH specified that a person cannot go clear in anything but Dianetics. *Clear and other common English words are copyrighted and trademarked by Scientology.
Hubbard believed at first that he went clear in Scientology objective processes (processes that have to do with locating and touching material objects). He then officially changed the definition of clear and made it a suppressive act resulting in expulsion to say that anything other than Dianetics or the Clearing Course could make a clear. However, the process used on the advanced levels to make a cleared being is a Scientology process. That voids that assertion.
The primary spiritual pursuit in new age and some ancient religions is recovering self identity; de-voiding yourself of who and what you are not; past identities and incidents, fixed ideas, compulsions, and other connections. It sets the ground work for things to come. The discovery of self is not the exclusive domain of Scientology. Can a person come to know who he/she really is by other means? The answer is simple; of course you can. Can Scientology be used to learn who you really are? The answer is yes.
However, the way Scientology is run today makes it very hard to realize self with any true sense of finiteness and stability. The infected air and uncompassionate greedy culture puts pressure on one’s rightful sense of self. The corporate Church of Scientology not only claims proprietary rights to an ancient and timeless spiritual expression it also inhibits its own true believers who are trying to become themselves because it is not focused on the task at hand; making beings free.


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    Informative, and gives one a great viewpoint on the state of Clear in the present day. There are histories of many religions with the “goal” of making people free. The idea is that some actually accomplish this. Others have different definitions of the words “free” or unaffected by “aberration” etc.


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    Thank you, Glenn. It has always been obvious to me that Buddha and Christ were clear. I read some of your posts and I can’t understand one thing: what is your purpose in belittling Scientology and LRH? Like this one, for example. Your purpose is not helping people achieve higher states of awareness. What is it then? There are no other technologies that anybody can actually use today to achieve the state of Clear, for example. There is just Scientology auditing, thats it. What difference does it make to me if my intention is to become Clear and OT whether or not Buddha was Clear? If helping people improve and become Clear and OT is not your purpose, then what is it? You are an auditor, you audit for a living as I understand? Why do you do that? Why don’t you do something else that makes Clears?

    I spent 18 years in the SO, have been out of the Church for 6 years. For the last year on and off I have been getting auditing from Freezone auditors and very recently I have achieved the state of Clear. I am very greatful to LRH for that and wish for others to have similar gains. I don’t want them to think less of LRH and Scientology, I want them to USE it, U-S-E it. You are standing in the way.

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      Thanks Michael,
      Yes, I audit in that I listen. My purposes are different than yours, but align;
      My main purpose is as the site says, Return to Freedom. And its subtext, freedom of thought. Part of that is telling the truth about what I have seen, like telling people who Hubbard really was; the good parts and the bad parts. The same with Scientology, Scientology is one tool I use, however there are clients who have been so abused that they will not pick up the cans. I am trained in other techniques which help them.
      My main purposes:
      1. To help my clients recover from cult abuse and mind control.
      2. To get them free to the point they do not have the need for auditing or counseling. Case complete as it were.
      3. To safeguard clients who are in the non interference zone from illness and death. If done wrong like in the corporate church, people can die or become very ill. I was on the first NOTs course and know the original intent of the material and help people complete safely.
      4. To get a non profit organization set up for those abused by cults, not just Scientology.


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      Michael, I understand your origination. I have discussed this very subject with Glenn personally and receive counseling from him, traversing the NOTS band. I have been in Qual for years and been audited by the best, and Glenn ranks up there. I would have to say he is the first auditor I have encountered that would pass the LRH auditing demo test. And to get checked out on your materials by him, I would have to say that I have never been so required to demonstrate UNDERSTANDING. So, this is not a plug for Glenn as much letting you know he takes his work seriously. When prodded by me to tone it down a little re Hubbard, his rebuttal was that he wants to deal in the truth. Hubbard was loaded with issues, as we all are and are striving to become at cause over. If we deal with that simple truth, it opens the doors to further use, in my opinion. The changes in Hubbard from the 50’s to the 70-80’s is significant on the point of “source” alone; initially it was to question his findings and find out for yourself to need to create the infallibility of SOURCE. Glenn has the advantage of 30 years outside the regime. I daresay that we will all be thinking a great deal differently in 30 years outside the fence.
      Re the Clear issue, none of this reduces what you have experienced and know for yourself on the subject. From a Qual viewpoint, the amount of confusion and arbitraries that have occurred on this point alone over the last 20 plus years is startling to say the least.
      Back to Hubbard, my experience with people who have had the advantage of receiving benefit from Scn who are then “exposed” to the truth about Hubbard usually come to a conclusion that acknowledges the good that he has done and removes him from an ilusionary pedestal that did him and noone else any good. Even as a leader, I think he fell into common traps that he had failed to recognize as aberrations and felt they were him.
      Best to you in your future activities with the tech.

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      “There are no other technologies that anybody can actually use today to achieve the state of Clear, for example. There is just Scientology auditing, thats it.”

      I think that limited viewpoint is the antithesis of freedom. In fact I believe it to be an implant.

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    Good Blog Glenn..

    Whilst i could in one sitting select a MULTITUDE OF quotes of L R Hubbard as a humanitarium,i could also quote their polar opposites, there would be probably less L R Hubbard verses that are inhumane ,sociopathic , guilt loaded dogma, but what destructive quotes lacks in quantity surely makes up for it in toxic venom. Once Bitten twice Shy.

    I found the statement about the genus for L R Hubbards DMSMH coming from Friedrich Nietzsche interesting, i have not seen this link before,but its one link i could understand, Nietzsches’ radical rejection of idealisation, he failed to demonstrate the validity of his claims and merely asserted them as the situation arose and this created polar opposites and a condition of confusion, his logic was branded as Chaos ,and as demonstated in application ,is violently incompatible.

    L R Hubbard had a lifelong concealed manipulative networking ability to acquire support, and if that support was statistically declining, direct fury or covert acid was exorcised against the “traitors” or “offenders” of self determinism for exercising Their Power of Choice ,it was the Power of Simplicity OBEY! or be exorcised from liberating the remaining allys with any idea there is a CHOICE of self determinism. A sliding scale of rewards and punishments were fed as an implied antedote, the ethics traps had never been so concealed nor unpredictable as those L R Hubbard created.A chaos of a trap, didnt know for when or for what it would unpredictably go off, mostly just lucky if they didnt step on one as more and more were set to “save us from them” he said, isolating and insulating for “our” own good he said, so the rest of us could make it, then post betrayal we find many other faiths and workable techniques ,that , there always were other ways, that L R Hubbard cut us off from.through his EXOR-CISING our power to Choose.

    Who has the right to coerce any to severe off lifelines?
    Who has the right to declare criminal any individuals alternative choices?
    Who would dare to say that POWER OF CHOICE IS senior to all and then punish you for contemplating your sovereign right choose?
    Who has the right to conceal the truth of alternate groups?
    No ONE has the right.

    but L R Hubbard used his pen to state that he had the right, and he took our proprietary rights for his benefit but flipped it and said it was for ours.

    in my opinion Scientological Ethics concepts are the most workable drafting gate to control minds.

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      thanks Shaun,
      Yes, I am for freedom of choice and thought, it sounds like you are too.
      thanks so much,

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    Brilliant post Glenn, LRH made himself and Scientologist the only one and the only way. He was Source so my god why would you think for yourself. His whole ethics tech is designed to control-he sure new how to cultify us. If you look in any other direction or think maybe LRH wasn’t correct than you are off purpose-out ethics or PTS or some such. Typical of any cult leader. When you read things for yourself-you find there are many brilliant people now and in the past. Thanks for your insights.

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      thanks Murray, you are right, you have to have read all the paths to wisdom then decide. Also the way that someone lives their life and who and what they are needs to be looked into before you follow anyone.

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        From Christopher Speer:
        One of my most important realizations in my early twenties was that I was creating the negative emotions I was experiencing.

        I experimented for a while creating and feeling the emotion of a recent upset, and then uncreating it and feeling it disperse, then recreating it, then having it disperse again – each time feeling the emotion arise and then go away at will.

        This realization wasn’t the result of being audited – it was the result of studying and auditing others on Dianetics and observing what was going on, as the same phenomena of suffering and release occurred. I clearly saw that I was the effect of my own creations and was able to crate and uncreate them at will. But the reason I was not at cause over all negative emotions from that point onwards in my life was the necessity to be right and make others wrong in each life conflict I encountered.
        “Ah! Out grade 4!” I hear you say- the service facsimilie. The fact is that Hubbard was onto something big with the service facsimilie, but he only got a tiny aspect of the whole picture.
        The subject he never grasped was that of Ego identification, which is the subject of a lot of teaching and work in a number of Eastern teachings. Briefly this is a false identification with all the physical aspects of our life which are true only temporarily: your body , name, family, culture, history, profession, possessions and so on.
        If we are spiritual beings then none of our current physical circumstance is more than temporary, and so to think of it as permanent is the cause for much of our suffering.
        So one major block to our spiritual advancement is our identification with this false identity of self, our Ego .
        And part of the Ego package is the Right / Wrong obsession. Every time we are in conflict in life
        we assert out rightness and the wrongness of others. One of the ways we seek to reinforce our Egos is through continual conflict and asserting our rightness.

        The entire stance of the Church of Scientology is that the moment you question or disagree with any aspect of it, you are Wrong and it is Right! So the entire institution is a monument to the Right / Wrong dichotomy!

        Scientology is an embodiment of the Service Fac in action – and so are its self righteous actions against its own members and detractors. Heaven forbid they ever manage to take responsibility and reform anything!

        No – they just keep pushing forward, trying to destroy those who criticize them, know they are right and everyone else is wrong. And in the process destroying any credibility they have as a spiritual organization- because spirituality has nothing to do with being being right and making others wrong- and everything to do with compassion, kindness, love, forgiveness and self examination and self responsibility- qualities the cult in its self righteous mania see as weakness.
        Hubbard was never wrong in his life! Everything was about how he was right and all his enemies were wrong. He was “Source” of all the technology ( if you count plagiarism as ” source ” ) which in itself always makes him right in any situation!
        Hubbard never addressed the concept of Ego as part of his technology which makes Scientology a very incomplete spiritual system. A spiritual trap in fact. It is precisely this lack of Ego separation understanding that keeps Scientologists in continual turmoil – endlessly fighting with each other about who is right and who is wrong.

        Now how does this tie into my youthful realization about experiencing what I was creating?
        Like this: As long as one is completely identified with one’s Ego one must continue to be right, must seek out conflict opportunities to be right and make others wrong, so letting one’s upsets disappear through the realization that one is creating the negative emotion one is experiencing no longer becomes possible. Because we need to be able to feel our upsets in order to be self righteous about our arguments. If we don’t feel upset where is our motivation to be right and argue? The one falsehood keeps the other held in place.

        Once I started to separate from Ego however then my much earlier realization was able to work,
        and the result was huge for me in terms of liberation. A pursuit I recommend to anyone interested in spiritual well being.

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    “Also the way that someone lives their life and who and what they are needs to be looked into before you follow anyone.”

    I would add the inverse – look before not following and/or judging someone. Guess it’s about actual knowing.

    Thanks Glen.

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