The importance of knowing and understanding connections.
I wrote a series of posts about the heartbreaking role disconnection plays in destructive cults. Such dogma in destructive cults, like Scientology, rips families and friendships apart. Disconnection is often done with an evil motive to control and avoid rather than for the well being of the member.
That being said, who you are connected to and the beliefs you might adopt from such a connection can make or break you. Environmental influence forms a cornerstone in modern psychology and Para-psychologies, like Scientology. The belief is that influence of one’s parents, relatives, and intimates can affect you ever more.
Your belief system comprises what you do in any given situation. Thoughts and beliefs are the closest thing to a spirit; space-wise and also on the spiritual plane. Your ideas and beliefs define who you are. If the source of the knowledge is pure and well–intended, then the thoughts carried through to you enhance your life and those around you. On the other hand, if the person who you subscribe your beliefs to is destructive and vile then that person‘s views can infect you.

Aleister Crowley
L. Ron Hubbard

Example: Aleister Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard:
The core beliefs that L. Ron Hubbard had and how he lived his life is based on Crowley’s ethic. What the Scientology organization did/does is built on Crowley, not what Hubbard wrote.

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” from Liber AL vel Legis (I:40)
“… thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.” [AL I:42–44]
To hell with ‘moral principle’; there is no such thing. In this sense, Thelema has shown there is no such thing as an absolute standard of right and wrong; there is only a relative standard of right and wrong in relation with each person’s unique nature and circumstance – their unique Will”
Anything soever that binds the will, hinders it, or diverts it, is Sin. Here is a completely new view of ethics wherein the only “evil” is to divert from oneself, or more accurately, from one’s will.
….to say a priori that a given action is ‘wrong.’ Each man has the right-and an absolute right-to accomplish his True Will. There are no ‘standards of Right’. Ethics is balderdash.

“To us, then, “evil” is a relative term; it is “that which hinders one from fulfilling his true Will” (The Law is For All).
(Since) “There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt” (Liber AL vel Legis III:60), the only “right” action is that which fulfills that Will and the only “wrong” action is that which thwarts that Will.” Liber AL vel Legis says (I:41),

If you study L. Ron Hubbard’s actual life, not the official church myth, it is evident that his governing ethical beliefs came from Crowley, the self proclaimed “Anti-Christ.” This is the ethic he lived, not what he wrote. He taught it to his successors who run the church the same way. Anyone who ever got in Hubbard’s way, “hindered his true will” became an enemy and attempts were made to ruin the person. And the same is true for Miscavige. It didn’t matter who; wives, family, friends, colleagues, rivals, critics, newspapers, politicians, or people who tried to audit them all became targets if they felt “counter intention.” Astounding lies, attacks, slander, hounding by PIs, sabotage, break-ins, false reports to agencies are/were the order of the day. The written ethical and moral codes of Scientology are not in use. The biblical hybrid, “The Way to Happiness” was not Hubbard’s true credo or today’s Scientology leader, Miscavige’s. What people do tells the picture, not what they say.

Dynamics Inverted
Do what thou wilt… self first, self concerns, self as the prime mover. In Scientology, self comes first; God is the last and forgotten thrust on their linear numerical list of dynamic pursuits. In truth, the Prime Mover, the Creator, or “Cause” is first. Creation is the start of things. Theologically and logically speaking, God is the center from which all the concentric circles of life emanate from, not self. God is center and yet surrounds all of the other circles in limitlessness and vastness. A linear image would be God being the sun and theindividual being the moon.

Christian/Judeo ethic stresses serving God first; God then commands serving others first before oneself. It is very important to understand that Scientology and other new age isms and ologies convolute ancient wisdom. Buddha believed that self is not primary; you serve others without expectations, conditions or needs then you will find great joy.

Destructive cults invert service and take advantage of the member’s true desire to help. A planetary apocalyptic view is imbedded in the true believer’s psyche to minimize the importance of the person, his/her family and country. Foregoing the member’s needs to “save the planet” is a ploy of the greedy leader who lives the life of the super rich off of the dedicated work of the members. Also, the member often lies to a new recruit about the real beliefs of the cult and about the true cost of getting deeply involved. It is not service in the truest sense, without expectation and without motive, especially from the top on down.

If you put God’s will first and learn how to communicate with the Creator with serving in mind, not self benefit, you may be surprised how your life will turn for the better. It may be foreign at first. Scientology, especially the sea org, drills in a godless compassionless viewpoint. It is worthwhile to make the effort to the change to a compassionate and giving heart.

No Compassion, No Pity, No Love for the “Downstat”

This viewpoint, so prevalent in Scientology, also comes from Crowley:
“My disciples are proud and beautiful; they are strong and swift; they rule their way like mighty conquerors. The weak, the timid, the imperfect, the cowardly, the poor, the tearful — these are mine enemies, and I am come to destroy them” (Liber Tzaddi, lines 24-25).
“Pity, sympathy and like emotions are fundamentally insults to the Godhead of the person exciting them, and therefore also to your own. The distress of another may be relieved; but always with the positive and noble idea of making manifest the perfection of the Universe. Pity is the source of every mean, ignoble, cowardly vice; and the essential blasphemy against Truth. “

“This also is compassion: an end to the sickness of earth. A rooting-out of the weeds: a watering of the flowers” (Liber Tzaddi, line 26). “We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world” (Liber AL vel Legis II:21).

When I start working with my clients to unwind their Scientology cult experience (especially ex-Sea Org members), one subject I talk about is compassion. They at once realize that the natural love and feeling for their fellow man has been driven out of them. Once restored, charity and love rekindles along with a sense that they also need to take care of themselves. True serving also includes taking care of yourself so that you are in good shape to help others. Overdoing self sacrifice and permitting abuse to oneself at behest of a destructive cult leader or group and its synthetic purpose serves no one.

How to overcome connections and their ill effects
I have had to live with the fact that I know by using some of Hubbard’s works I am in turn, by proxy, connected to a truly evil man, Crowley. I have had to dissect the subject of Scientology so as to not use what is evil and occult. By eliminating and cutting off the ideologies inherent in the work from Crowley and similar occult ideology from Hubbard, I have separated from that evil connection. This is the main differences between me and the “Independent Scientologist.” They still believe that all of Scientology tech is workable and Hubbard was more or less inerrant. They are not. The reasons they left the corporate church is proof in itself.

By choosing to be compassionate and help people without underhanded or greedy motives I can turn the tide of having lived a compassionless and Godless life as learned in the Sea Org. One who chooses to do so can begin to reverse the Crowley/Hubbard self-lust and its lacing into your soul.
Also due to research I know that in the main Scientology and Dianetics is derivative work. Dianetics is streamlined Freud along with the concept of prenatal incidents from Dr. Sadger’s work in 1941. Past lives theory comes from eastern religions, like Hinduism, survival as the key drive comes from Schopenhauer, study tech was stolen from Charles Berner (a school teacher who attended St. Hill), the body thetan concept (where one’s body is filled with other spirits) comes from the Gnostics and Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the key question in NOTs, “Who are you?” comes from Jesus who asked a demon, “What is your name?” Yes, Hubbard codified and systemized theories but for the purpose of this article which is about connections, the above names are who you are really connected to; Freud, Sadger, Schopenhauer, etc.

As a Scientologist, Independent Scientologist, religious affiliate, or a member of society it is crucial that you become critical, think for yourself rationally, and understand where and from whom your beliefs come from. It is imperative that you examine the major beliefs you live by. Is that belief something you want deeply set into your mind? Is the author’s persona what you want to copy and emulate? If it isn’t then, separation is in order. Connections in thought can make or break you.


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    Alice writes:
    “Dear Glenn,
    the things that attracted me in Scientology were the care and affinity in others, like auditors, C/Ses, other staff and members. It was the fact that I found some space to expand my care for others into.
    I was glad to find answers as to “how to help”, codified explanations and a description of the philosophic principles they had been derived from, putting those methods of helping into a framework, and so I could make use of them with understanding.
    Just to love my neighbours or to hold my other cheek did not really help me to help others, the principle to find an earlier similar experience if something did not solve, for example, did.
    I loved articles like “What is greatness?” and other texts that permitted me to escape the simplifying concept of “good and evil”, like the lecture “Overt-Motivator-Sequece” from April 1964.
    The fact that L. Ron Hubbard did codify and communicate these methods and procedures is understood by me as an expression of love and care.
    I accept that you might have met other facets of his personality. I have seen and met other persons, calling themselves “Scientologists” who were plain lunatics, thinking the Tech was only there to make them feel bigger or to better suppress others. Those people I did not feel attracted to. (But I know they exist.)
    What a person said is often connected to the agreed upon image of that person and easily rejection or acceptance of the content is so produced. However, there is no necessary relationship to the content of truth in the words to the goodness or badness of this person. Even the person we have agreed upon heavily as being evil, could have said something that is absolutely true. I could show you for instance a passage from Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” about the relationship of the size of a lie and the control of people and there would be little discussion about the truth of the datum given there. And you could discover this datum used heavily in todays politics. In fact, it is one of the most heavily used datums you will find, almost each time you open a newspaper.
    The thing important in my eyes is how and what the data were used for.
    Some time ago, when I was still in the Church, I worked on recovering a “lost member” and noticed that he always said “want to do the Bridge”. “want to do the Bridge”, “must do the Bridge” etc. I asked him “What for do you want to do the Bridge? When you have reached all those wonderful abilities described,what are you going to do with them?” He looked very surprised, he had never thoght about that, and then came up with an answer. He would use them to help others and make this a better place.
    I have no knowledge of Crowley codifying and issuing a workable technology to help others. I think, he did not. And therefore I see a big difference between him an LRH.
    L. Ron Hubbard did codify and issue a technology. He cared to make it known. And in my hands it worked and works to help and give a structure to the care and love that I feel, instead of just wanting to help and fumble around somehow. For that, I am very thankful to him.”


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    Right Glenn, a religious community which enforces LOA-leave of absence, even for publics
    is a sick shop. If you ask me, this is a key-policy within the administrative frame of SCN, which proves that SCN is a prison. Usually you find those rules/procedures only applied on prisoners or in military units. MP-military police is supposed to bring back blown soldiers and put them under justice. Its crap, I am not asking the local org if I am allowed to leave for a few weeks (for whatever purpose). I am not writing CSW because I have to handle something.
    The LOA policy is a deeply implanted fear that someone could blow. Furthermore its DEV-T
    based on LRH´s own policy: Its Inspection before facts. 😛

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      Yes , one of the definition of a destructive cult is that one does not have the freedom to come and go.

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