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L. Ron Hubbard for Real: Personal Stories

L. Ron Hubbard for Real: Some Personal Stories: A lot has been written lately honoring L. Ron Hubbard and his birth 100 years ago.  What I read was a romanticized version of the man.  The posts, poems, and odes did not encapsulate reality.  It is easy to love and respect a man that you feel […]

Part 4: Talk about other cults to enlighten with comparisons On the Scientology Flagship Apollo our only link to the outside world was the Orders of the Day which contained ship business and news flashes from around the world.  In 1974 there was a blurb that the Christian cult leader, Jim Jones, had moved his […]

Part 3: Quote the leader of the group to open dialogues without rejection There is a way to make inroads into communication with loved ones who have disconnected or shunned you because of their beliefs or orders from a cult.  Quote the leader and his policies and then discuss how the policies are not being […]

Part 2- How to Heal with Love and Sharing I just recently talked to a Scientologist whose son had just disconnected from her.  She told him how bad the church and Miscavige were in their initial meeting.  He closed down, and told her he could not communicate to her anymore.  Naturally, she was very upset.  […]

Cry Freedom


Step Away from Anti Social Groups and Become Free It is interesting that the popular movie, “The Social Network,” got it wrong about its principal character, Mark Zuckerburg.  Far from being a selfish misfit as the movie portrayed, he was a socially secure young man who was brought up in a positive nurturing family surrounded […]